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December 2014 – III Aged Care – Caboolture.

What did you like most about the course?

  • Everything (Holli)
  • Studies, Very Good (Tusi)
  • Manual Handling (Nancy)
  • Assessor is very good, I learnt a lot (Marivic)
  • Everything that we did and learnt (Maryann)
  • I learnt a lot during the course, I also know how to make a bed and use the hoist (Caryl)
  • Has given me more knowledge on how to care, and I enjoy it (Imelda)
  • Everything – I learnt so much about the course and I had an awesome time with my fellow classmates (Louise)
  • The information and help given by the trainer.  I’ve been time poor with trying to change careers because of existing employment, with Christine’s help I’m sure I can achieve my goals (Michael)
  • the excellent knowledge Christine has in Aged Care, the care she has for her students, also the knowledge I have gained about Aged Care and the friends I have made (Wayne)
  • The people were great and the price cost was fantastic (Roy)
  • Our trainer (Christine) has great knowledge of the industry and is generally a wonderful person.  Christine is a motivator.  class mates really got to know each other through prac activities. (Maddison)
  • Christine the trainer. Don’t ever let Christine leave. (Corrina)
  • everything, Christine is amazing, a real Gem!!! (Jordan)

Caboolture Aged Care (QLD)

August 2014 – IV Disability

  • Top 3 things – Easy to approach trainer, Great Support, Learning Skills that I can actually use.

Thank you for your support and guidance while completing training with you.  we value your sharing of knowledge, professionalism and a great sense of humour.  It’s greatly appreciated.

Sarah and Helen (QLD)

August 2014 – IV Aged Care 

Thank you so much for my certificate, I have received it today.  It is a beautiful certificate.  Doing the course has really changed my life.  I enjoy my job so much more now.  I had so many questions before, but this course has helped me to answer those and understand why I do many things.  I will definitely let everyone know about it and how great the training was through you.

Judith (WA)

December 2013 – Feedback from clients

Merry Christmas to you and your family, Jenny!!

We have loved being involved with ATS this year.  You guys rock!!

And a special massive  thank you to Jo Blaney, who is our most loved trainer.  And that was with some seriously stiff competition.

 All the best for a safe and happy Christmas and New Year, and a prosperous 2014.

 Kind regards Alan (WA)

June 2013 – Diploma of Management – Commercial Laundry

First ever group of Laundry Supervisors provided with the opportunity to complete a senior management course.

  • Thankyou for the opportunity and support to complete this training, I never thought I would be given an opportunity like this
  • Resources and assessments helped me to develop the skills that I need to help me in my role
  • I am so glad I did this course, Great trainer and has helped me to be more confident
  • I have learnt how to communicate more effectively and work better as a team

February 2013 – Diploma of Management – Disability Organisation

  • Great delivery, resources and tools.  The project was excellent as it was directed and implemented into our workplace to provide us with better understanding of Management.
  • The trainer gave me encouragement to believe in myself.
  • Delivery and presentation was a real highlight of the course.
  • The trainer made me feel comfortable enough to ask questions and believe that I could complete this Diploma.

November 2012 – Mental Health Skill Cluster

  • ‘Informative, fun interactive. The trainer is very dynamic – lovely, very supportive in class and with assessments.  Great Course.’
  • ‘Thanks for a great course, I really enjoyed it and am truly looking forward to continuing my studies’
  • ‘I learnt more about areas of mental heath that I wasn’t aware of before doing the course’
  • ‘I have a better understanding of the process involved in the mental health assessment process and the services available’
  • ‘ I found that the skills set is very interesting and it is relevant to my work’

October 2012 – Medication Skill Cluster

Informative course that not only provided training for 7 of our sites, but also assisted implementing the required forms and templates to assist us through accreditation.

August 2012 – Mental Health Skill Cluster

Great course focused on our clientele and provided us with the skills needed to improve our services.  This course was delivered professionally, 10 students completed 5 units.  The way the course is structured and delivered it is easy to follow and relevant to our workplace. The assessments are clustered and easy to follow.  We even received support tools and templates that we can use in the workplace – Thanks. 

July 2012 – Diploma of Management

Appreciate the professional approach to assisting with the completion of my Diploma.  Although I had completed some of the qualification with a previous employer, you were able to assist me in obtaining the remainder units and complete in full.

Look forward to you now up skilling and training my management team.

July 2012 – Diploma of Management via RPL

Thanks again for the lovely services that you have provided me, it certainly was smooth.  My experience over a two year period with doing my other Diploma’s with previous RTO’s were extremely painful, hence taking the two years, so again thanks for you service.

I appreciate your quality of service in the completion of my Diploma.

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