Certificate III Laundry Operations

MST30616 Certificate III Laundry Operations

This qualification is intended for those who perform supervision roles, specialised technical tasks or multi-skilled roles within a commercial laundry environment.

Work is usually performed in a defined range of skilled operations, usually within a range of broader related activities involving known routines, methods and procedures, where some discretion and judgement is required in the use of equipment or application of contingency measures and within known time constraints.

Position Outcomes:

  • Laundry Operator
  • Laundry Supervisor

19 units in total to be completed (7 Core Units and 12 Electives)

Core Units

  • MSMENV272 – Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices
  • MSMWHS200 – Work safely
  • MSMSUP102 – Communicate in the workplace
  • MSS402051 – Apply quality standards
  • MSTDC2009 – Identify fabric and garment cleaning requirements
  • MSTLA2001 – Apply infection control policies and procedures in laundry operations
  • MSTLA2002 – Operate washing machines

Elective Units

  • MSTDC2001 – Provide customer service in a dry cleaning or laundry enterprise
  • MSTDC2007 – Receive and sort articles for cleaning
  • MSTGN2007 – Select, transfer and remove materials and products
  • MSTGN3001 – Control production in a section of a TCF enterprise
  • MSTGN3002 – Organise and plan own work to achieve planned outcomes
  • MSTGN3005 – Plan tasks to assist production operations
  • MSTGN2010 – Perform tasks to support production
  • MSTLA2004 – Perform linen rewash
  • MSTLA2006 – Perform conditioning and drying processes
  • MSTLA2010 – Prepare products for storage or despatch
  • MSMSUP106 – Work in a team
  • MSMSUP382 – Provide coaching/mentoring in the workplace


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