Skill Training

puzzelA key focus for any employer and/ or individual is to ensure that you have current skills to undertake your role and responsibilities.

Some skill training will be specific to your position and must be completed on a regular basis, other training may be required to increase your current knowledge providing you with further skills to apply into your workplace.

Aspire to Succeed offer the following skill training:

Accredited Training – Individual Units or Skill Clusters
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  • This training is aligned to a unit / or units of competency and the student is required to undertake an assessment process to ensure competency is achieved
  • Training is delivered to all students, and an assessment provided for completion.
  • A Statement of Attainment will be issued to all students who have successfully completed the assessment process


Non – Accredited Training
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  • This training is designed to provide skills and knowledge through a structured training experience for all students
  • A Certificate of Attendance will be issued to all students who attend the training outlining the content covered

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